Goldmark Commercial Real Estate Ag Land Sales & Auction

The Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota is home to some of the richest farm land on the planet. These lands have often been owned and operated through many generations with the considerable sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears. Naturally, the sale of this land is typically one the hardest decisions and largest transactions of one’s lifetime, and as such it should be handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise. 

Goldmark Commercial Real Estate’s Ag Land team specializes in personalized and professional farm land sales & marketing services that care for the families and farms involved while helping to ensure a successful sale. Effectively marketing your land to the right audience with the best information is vital to that success. The methods we use can vary greatly from Customer to Customer depending on the land and your personal goals, but you can rest assured that we will get the job done right through first-class marketing, superior service, and strong execution. Our services include:

  • Auction Sale
  • Sealed Bid Sale
  • Traditional Listing
  • Private Sale or Leaseback
  • Rent Negotiation or Auction
  • Land Identification & Acquisition
  • 1031 Exchanges

Our professional services cover the entire process of selling farm land, start to finish. To begin, having the latest information about the ag land market within your specific area is a critical part of the decision making and marketing process. Over the past five years, we have developed the region’s most comprehensive collection of market intelligence on farm land sales across the southern Red River Valley. This information is incredibly valuable to help accurately predict the expected value of any given parcel of land in the area. See below for a few examples of these powerful tools.

Next, we build a targeted marketing plan that includes both local and national advertising methods to create maximum exposure for your land. Finally, we execute the sale of the property from auction or offer through closing, expertly guiding you, your family, and the entire process through every step with the ultimate care and professionalism. 

Our advanced marketing tools, market intelligence, and sales processes can be demonstrated anytime to potential clients as part of a no cost, no obligation discussion. Please contact Andy at 701-239-5839 for more information or to setup a meeting today!

Virtual Ag Land Comp Map

Virtual Ag Land Camp Map
  • Each pin on the map represents an ag land sales transaction, with each color representing a different year from 2011 - 2016.
  • Each map pin includes the sale amount, the acres sold, the seller, the date of closing, the parcel #, the buyer, the legal description, and the Productivity Index of the land (blocked above for confidentiality).
  • This Virtual Ag Land Comp Map can be available for review at no cost to prospective Clients with land in Cass and Clay Counties.

County, Township & Parcel Level Sales Data

Aggregated County Data

Aggregated County Data

Aggregated Township Data

Aggregated Township Data

Images not for distribution: © 2016 Andrew J. Westby
  • Detailed and aggregated sales transaction history is available to analyze by parcel, township and county levels from 2010 - 2016.
  • Period by period comparisons are available to track market trends and areas of strong or weak market activity.
  • This valuable information is available at no cost to prospective Clients with land in Cass, Clay, Richland, and Wilkin Counties. Other counties available upon request (fees may apply).