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Our 7 core services are designed and perfected to give you and your business the peace of mind that you need so that you can focus on running your business.

Office, Retail, Industrial & Multi-family Property

Our team provides property owners full service brokerage services to sell or lease their property. We consistently strive to be a comprehensive resource for pricing, market assessment, marketing and closing the transaction.

Goldmark Design and Development provides extensive architectural design and development services, including master planning, preliminary site layouts, cost estimating, detailed architectural plans, city permitting, construction bidding, and much more.

Our team can offer clients expertise on all aspects of the design and development process, from the concept stage through project completion. Clients can leverage these services a la carte or as a full-service offering

It is becoming more common for business of all sizes to not own their property, but to lease it.

Our team can assist with acquiring an existing property or constructing a brand new facility, then creating an investment group to own the property and lease it to the business as a tenant.

The business benefits by not tying up its capital in a property, but can preserve their capital to grow their business and keep the real estate asset off their balance sheet.

We’re proud of our region’s agricultural heritage, and we understand the pride, the pain, the joy, and the hard work that comes from owning and operating farm land. Our team can assist rural land owners with the sale or acquisition of agricultural production or rural development land through professional auctioneering and traditional land brokerage services, and does so with a combination of superior communication, technology, marketing, and customer service skills to help clients through what is typically the largest transaction of their lifetime.

In addition to being brokerage professionals, our team is vastly experienced as real estate investors and advisors. We have assisted clients with a diverse array of complex real estate investment scenarios including sale and lease backs, sale or acquisition of complicated investment property, 1031 exchanges, formation of investment partnerships, and selling property to REITS.

Whether a larger corporation or a small independent business requires assistance identifying and securing a new location, our team can assist in virtually any capacity.

Whether developing a simple survey of available properties or implementing a more involved, comprehensive process of determining the client’s long term needs, identifying alternatives, reviewing financial feasibility and site acquisition.

Our experienced team has the capability to assist with the most complex of assignments.

Our consulting services might involve an hourly or flat fee for service assignment specific to a particular property.

Our team has experience advising on land development or new building construction, project design and business and financial planning and project management.

Some projects have involved corporate strategic planning, property conversions or renovations, parking assessments, or virtually any problem solving or assessment a commercial property may require.


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Goldmark Commercial Real Estate Inc. offers a full suite of services to assist you in all aspects of the project. Our team’s depth of experience and access to collaborative resources is nearly unparalleled in the region.​

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